Deep Dive Session: Hydrogen moves the Toyota Fuel Cell Module





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The technology integrator and trading house TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS EUROPE GmbH applied the Toyota Mirai 2.0 hydrogen components in 2020.

The hydrogen components and system parts are:

  • Fuel Cell Module
  • High-pressure gas components including the tanks.


These components have in the current version a new integration concept behind. This new approach allows for none automotive integration and usage.

The use in applications are manifold, but have each in common: 24/7 usage or usage of cooling system.
During the integration project, we share the relevant technical data.
We guide the integrators with best practice processes.
We review the results on many levels to ensure proper usage for the long, very long useful product life.

Through this approach, we can reach our CO2 goals jointly as a team. We are happy to share this technology with you.

  • Toyota hydrogen technology bricks and products like Fuel Cell Module and Tank system

  • Where it makes sense to use hydrogen as a hybrid application

  • The new business scheme opens the hydrogen systems supply to non-Toyota group companies



  • Georg Zembacher – Head of Technology Innovation -Toyota Tsusho Nexty Electronics Europe
  • Silke Frank – CEO – Hydrogen Moves GmbH

Dit event wordt georganiseerd door onze partner Hydrogen Moves.


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  • 28/07/2022 16:00
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